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Example pdf embeding by box

Embed Box Files Anywhere on the Web 31 MAY 2010 · BY KIMBER LOCKHARD / HOW-TO When Increo Solutions was acquired by Box, my co-founder and I were incredibly excited to join the team and bring our preview technology to the Box platform. In January, this technology became a core part of Box, making it easy to view files directly within your account, and without the need for corresponding desktop software. Today, we're happy to announce that we've extended preview technology beyond the Box environment. You can now embed your files anywhere on the web - in blogs, intranets, wikis and websites. This is a flexible, unobtrusive and ridiculously easy way to display documents right in the browser, and you can choose to restrict viewers' printing, sharing and downloading privileges. Check out the embedded presentation below, and visit our Customer Page for more examples. To take the embedding feature for a spin, just right click the file you'd like to embed and select "Embed file in your site." You can select access levels for your viewers, and even preview the embedded file. Grabthe embed code, and you're good to go! For security reasons, only owners and editors can embed a file. With embedding, Box content can join you anywhere on the Web. We look forward to hearing all the interesting ways you use this feature, whether its to showcase a whitepaper on your corporate homepage, or share a presentation on your blog. Please share your stories - as well as comments and questions - here or @boxdotnet. BY KIMBER LOCKHARD